Friday, September 14, 2007

What if....

So the other day we were playing the "what if..." game at Brian and Lloyd's new place. Now if you don't know what the game is, let me explain: you start off with kind of a big group of people, at the minimum 5-6. Everyone gets a sheet of paper and writes down a question beginning with "what if...". For example, "What if the sky wasn't blue?" After everyone is done asking a question, everyone folds it up and puts the question in a pile. Someone then goes around and passes a random question back to everyone. Everyone then answers the question and puts in back into the pile. Then, everyone picks up a question and out loud, one person reads their question and then the person next to them reads their answer. Then that person reads their question and the person after them reads their answer. Hilarity ensues because most of the time the question and answer don't match, hence making it funny. Ha Ha. Laugh clown laugh.

Well, for some stupid reason, almost every bloody question involved me. Mind you, I really didn't care. In fact, it was flattering. Until THE question and answer followed together. Sean Madsen read the question, "What if Michelle wasn't such a flirt?" Then Lloyd who was sitting next to him, kind of uncomfortably looked up and reluctantly said, "Then her lawn wouldn't be so wet." Everyone could not stop laughing at that for at least five minutes. I, in my embarrassment, hid my face. Meanwhile, Payton and Karen couldn't stop laughing. Payton literally had tears in his eyes from the laughter.

I was mortified.


ROAST said...

Wet lawns huh? What has been going on since I left California?

Poli Sci Guy said...

You completely slaughtered the tale! The question was:

"What if Michelle wasn't the horniest girl on the planet?"

The response:

"Then Michelle would have the driest front yard in all the world."

It's the phrase 'front yard' that makes it hilarious!

Michelle Loves Danger said...

oh andrew is right. i forgot. all i heard was my name and well, pretty much referring to vaginas and dry somethings

Tannerama said...

Oh man! That is way better/worse than what Michelle said. Classic!

Michelle Loves Danger said...

hate you all :)