Thursday, October 4, 2007

Avian Flu...


We had a member of our stake presidency (one out of the two members who are doctors) come and talk to us about the bird flu during combined relief society/ priesthood. They showed us a super campy video that was well made and informative, and also reminiscent of those old cold war/ "crap we might get bombed by the soviets, lets prepare" movies.

I was speaking to a couple people afterwards and some came to the conclusion that we are being prepared for some huge disaster that is heading our way.

Appropriately enough, we had a flyer handed to us titled, "Preparing for a Pandemic." In it is some sage advice and facts like, "[The Avian Flu] is not transmitted by birds flying over your house." When i think of people freaking out a Alfred Hitchcock's "the Birds", it makes me smile.

In the flyer there is actually really good advice and basically reminded us about keeping our 72 hour kits up to date and our water and any important documents close by.

The grand finale and masterpiece of the whole lesson, was this little gem in which they taught us how to cough and sneeze. It was pretty funny, entertaining and yet informative.

its good to be informed. I'm glad, overall, that they took the time to inform us and helped us to be aware of what dangers there are out there and how we can prepare ourselves. It may have been amusing, and i even sat next to a dude that fell asleep, but its important we know these things.

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SocialA said...

don't worry, my parent sent me a pamphlet and face masks incase i need to quarenteen myself. i would have a preciated a gun with one round in it more so i could just respectfully commit suicide.