Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make it 15!

These are in no particular order, but some I definitely wanna see more than others. If anyone ever wants to catch any of these, let me know. I can tell you now, there are some movies here that I wanna catch with certain people.

Fame! I wanna live forever! The cheesy, coke/i-pod rip off ads spoke to me or something. This is definitely a guilty pleasure :/

The Informant: This has oscar buzz written all over it for Matt Damon. It looks funny and smart.

A Serious Man: The new Coen Bros. movie. Nuff said.

Where the Wild Things Are. How could you NOT want to see this? Arcade Fire.. Love it

Zombieland: If you know me well, you know I love zombies. So why would I pass this up?

Capitalism: A Love Story. I've always found M. Moore's movies informative and often times far-fetched, but this piqued my interest. Not on the top of my list, though.

This is It: Mj's last hurrah.

Gentlemen Broncos: Jared Hess' new movie. Nacho Libre was good, but I'm hoping this will be better.

Avatar: freaking 11 years, J. Cameron!?

Nine: This is probably my most anticipated of the year. The cast is stellar and the songs are captivating!

Princess and the Frog: We need more princesses! The animation looks freaking sweet!

Precious: My second most anticipated movie this year.

Broken Embraces: La nueva pelicula de Almodovar y Penelope Cruz. They do no wrong together! cat power in the trailer!

Fantastic Mr. Fox: stop motion, Anderson magic!

The men who stare at goats: Looks funny!

Things that I've realized just sitting here

I've been sitting here mulling over what to blog about and thought to myself that I'll blog about my observations of the last five minutes:

  • I can't type as fast as I thought I could
  • I'm a scandalous creature. exhibit a:

  • I desperately miss my mom's home-cooking. I'm not just saying this cause she's my mom, but she is the best cook I know. Better than your mom, for sure! One of these days I have to follow thru and let my friends come over and enjoy her cooking. I think she prefers her kitchen but oh well.
  • I've been listening to John Williams' scores for the last week. With the occasional Monsters of Rock.
  • School is getting easier the more I go. Who would've thought ;)
  • I think twitter is swell. I don't care what you say
  • There are 14 (count them!) movies that I wanna catch this Fall.
  • I think I'll have the aforementioned mom do my laundry. What?! She likes doing it and I hate dealing with it.
  • I can't decide if I really wanna be Hitler for halloween or not.
  • I miss my brothers. They never seem to be home when I visit my parents' place.
  • Heidi is designing my next tattoo. So it will be extra special to me :) Something like this but smaller scale :