Friday, April 10, 2009

What the hell is going on?

This is pretty much the question that people keep asking me lately.

Well here is the short and skinny of it: I'm in school and working full time.

Fine! I'll elaborate: I'm currently attending full time (at night, mind you) Glendale Community College trying to graduate in a year then transfer to either UCLA or one of the cal-states (L.A. or CSUN). I'm working Monday-Thursdays at the dental office, BUT i do have Fridays off. so if you want to chill, grab some lunch or something, lemme know.

I'm working towards doing something in advertising. Something more on the creative, fun side. I'm tired of boring jobs.

I'm dating... yes Mom.. I'm dating :) not exclusively, but I go on dates.

I'm seeing my family way more often and I LOVE that! I'm becoming closer to my mom particularly.

I've broken toxic ties with certain individuals (or in some cases they have broken ties with me) and I have come out on top, I'd like to think! A word to the wise or those hanging out with certain individuals: be careful with whom you hang out with. When they break your heart, i will accept you with open hearts after an apology... because i know i wasn't right the whole time, but they and you to an extent were wrong also. I hope you know who you are. Get out before you get hurt!
I have people that I call best friends and I decided that I've used that term too loosely in the past so I really narrowed it down to a few individuals... these are people that have NEVER given me problems, whom i respect and respect me even when I'm a bitch or they are being bitches: Heidi Jo, Nate Fackrell, Andrew Stames, Esther Thompson and Brian Hill.
These individuals don't cry when i don't invite them to things, they are considerate, kind, honest (even when truth hurts), they are cool nerds (oxy-moron, i know) and they have their priorities straight.

I write for and will be doing it a little more often. All i do is write movie reviews. Its pretty swell :)

I've grown up... ALOT! I think its because I've had lots of time to step back and evaluate myself and try to better myself. I've learned from mistakes... the hard way. I feel sorry and bad for them. I'm trying to be a better person... I promise! I'm focusing on me now and moving on. I can't do what I've been doing forever (that has so many meaning behind it)

i love all my friends, close and good friends ( ya know who you are, becky and kelly and emily blisses etc.)

Thats whats going on right now.