Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michelle + Andrew: How they met

Can I just tell you a little story about a girl named Michelle and a boy named Andrew?

It doesn't start off too extraordinary: Michelle went to work then met up with friends to carpool to the subway station. From the subway station, they went to the Hollywood Bowl for a John Williams' concert. Andrew had been in L.A. with his sister visiting from Scotland, they had just been to Universal Studios theme park and were also going to the John Williams concert. They too were traveling to the bowl in the subway with Stames, Michelle & Andrew's mutual friend.

Kirsty and Andrew sightseeing

They first met right outside the ticket booth and then they went into the concert and enjoyed it. Still, just a normal night. It wasn't until they were walking back to the subway that Michelle really noticed Andrew: "he's cute", she thought to herself. He somehow kept making his way to her and made an effort to talk to her. She took notice of how unique and sweet he was, even when a bum approached him for his subway ticket. They both had different train stops, but Michelle felt like she didn't get enough of him ... So she yelled to their mutual friend, Stames, "Hey, call me tomorrow so we can all hang out!" as they were exiting the subway. Feeling a little sad that they had separated, she didn't think much of it and kept her thoughts to herself.

The next morning, when Stames didn't call or text, she text him, wanting to get to talk and be around Andrew more. Stames text Michelle back and they were going to Islands for lunch... success! She met up with them and they had a nice lunch: Kirsty (Andrew's sister), Stames, Andrew and Michelle. Andrew sat across from her and when Michelle asked for the ketchup, Andrew launched it to her and it spilled all over the table.... "No biggie" thought Michelle.... But Andrew was embarrassed and dying

One of two pictures Andrew got of Michelle on his first trip to L.A.

They then all decided to do the touristy thing and hit up Hollywood... They drove to Hollywood and parked in the Hollywood and Highland parking lot. As they were walking out, Michelle noticed that Andrew's glasses tinted in the sunlight... she used that as an opportunity to flirt, and stare into his gorgeous eyes...."Wow, I just wanted to see how your sunglasses change color in the sun..." Andrew was on to her ;)

The rest of the day was a flirt fest! The day ended with the group plus others getting together for dinner. Michelle and Andrew at this point couldn't keep their eyes off each other. At the dinner table they first held hands under the table :) Butterflies galor filled Michelle's belly and she couldn't even take a bite out of the food that Andrew and her were sharing. They carpooled together to the Americana because everyone was going to watch Inception. As they were going down the elevator, they were alone and Michelle couldn't contain herself anymore.... they hugged each other in the elevator and Michelle looked up at him and they shared their first kiss :D !!!!!!!!! Fireworks! Those damn butterflies were dancing fools at this point! Michelle got shy... and if you know her, you know that this is not an event that occurs often! She was in cloud nine! No. Cloud 10!

They held hands to the movie theater and didn't care that they were a half hour late to the movie cause they were smitten!

The rest of Andrew's trip was spent together every day! They went out to eat, Dodger games, hung out with friends, went to church... It was perfect. The worst was the goodbyes. :( Sadness. They told each other they would write, call, text, e-mail, skype. Whatever it took to constantly stay in touch. Michelle was pessimistic at first, but since that day they said their goodbyes, they have never EVER missed a day where they didn't hear each other's voices.

Andrew and Michelle on Skype

Their first "I love you"s came a month after.... on the phone. And they both meant it.... :) Again, the butterflies were running amuck in her belly .... happiness!

To be continued.... with a trip back to L.A. for Andrew :)