Friday, September 7, 2007

Sleazy Saxophones

Today i was sitting at work assisting the doctor when this song comes on. It was Sade's "Your Love Is King" and it had the nastiest (good nasty) , sleaziest sounding alto sax I've heard. I've heard the song MANY times on that particular station (we have it always and forever set to smooth jazz: 94.7 the wave)

In this instance, the song was awkward because it was really quiet, none of us were talking, the doctor, nor i, and especially the patient with his mouth propped open. So as soon as the the sax came on, i got fidgety and uncomfortable and turned on the loud suction for no reason and suctioned the patients mouth when he had no saliva and i think the patient got the hint too, cause it was almost like he appreciated the extra noise and unnecessary suction of his already dry mouth.

so in honor of my awkward work moment, I've compiled a small list of sleazy sax songs.


Careless Whisper - George Michaels or Wham. Same thing!

Young Americans - David Bowie

Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen

I Can't go for that (no can do) - Hall and Oates

Super Freak
- Rick James

Urgent- Foreigner

Rio - Duran Duran

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS super sleazy alert!

Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car
- Billy Ocean


Tannerama said...

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty tops them all.

and I would place the "Maneater" sax solo over the "I can't go for that" solo. They are both awesome live though.

ROAST said...

I love how you have links to YouTube for each of them. Check out my lame-o blog.