Saturday, July 11, 2009

I finally fell for Utah

I visited Utah with my lovey, Heidi Jo. It was really spur of the moment: I packed up, paid for my stand by ticket and was off... I love traveling with no really set time on when I'm coming back, sorta of like a gypsy or a hobo. Ha!

Heidi showed me a new appreciation for things that I had previously taken for granted. She would point out things like her favorite mountain, Lone Peak, and she liked it because she could see it from her parents house. While we were sitting on the grass playing with her families' new dog (Abby, Sirius, Rabbit?), she just casually pointed up and said, "look there's that mountain i was telling you about" and she said it with a sort of twinkle in her eye. It was really sweet.
I fell in love with her dog and with Jenny's dog's, Rousseau and Diesel. Now for me this was kind of a big deal, because, you see, these are huge rottweilers, but they are the biggest sweetest teddy bears!
I learned to love old friends again... i had the opportunity to meet with my dear loves, Natalie and Jessica. I love these girls so much. I appreciated the talks we had: Jess and I talking while almost hoping to be blown away on Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon whilst overlooking Utah Valley and Natalie my dear just while sitting in her car late night, her counseling me on things that I should be doing, listening to advice I should have had a while ago. I love you both, my dears.
Jenny, Heidi's sis, hosted a fondue night and I had the chance to invite Tim and Elliott to come and join us. It was nice to feel a little piece of California in Utah. Tim makes everything so comfortable, for me anyways, and it was nice to catch up with Elliott who moved up to Utah in March. I've known his family since I was baptized into the church over 10 years ago. I've known Tim since I was in middle school! Joining us for dinner also was Heidi's long time friend, Mike, and his girlfriend, Michelle. They were both very lovely people. Fondue night was really fun! I got the chance afterward to chat with Tim when I walked him out to the car and we chatted like old friends and again I felt so comfortable and at home.
I've grown to appreciate Heidi Jo. She is golden! I enjoyed the little things with her. I enjoyed watching her competitive side come out when she played all boys in Ultimate Frisbee. I loved that she kicked their asses and blew their minds with her incredible catches and perfect throws. When all the other boys were complaining that it was the wind that caused them to throw poorly, she kept her cool and didn't complain once when she would drop the Frisbee or when someone didn't catch her throw. She is golden. She blew me away when I made the mistake (really it was a mistake!) in saying that acting in an animated film is not the same as in a live action film. It was like a fire was lit behind her eyes when she mistook me saying that a live action movie isn't the same as an animated film. She was the Phoenix! Haha! I respected her and admired her passion for what she does in her career. Respect was definitely earned that day by her in my eyes.

I made wonderful new friends in the Gilbert family. They are just so wonderful and had always been since I first met them. Jenny is the sweetest person! I think the moment we met it was an instantaneous friendship. She is the most comfortable person to talk to. I feel like I am able to express to her my vulnerabilities without judgment and with the comfort of knowing that she will keep it in confidence and be able to lend valuable advice.
I saw a boy I really like when I was up there and it felt so natural being with him again. It was just like it hadn't been a month since we had seen each other. I like the way I feel when I'm with him: his sweet kisses, the way he holds my hand, the way he smells, his silly crooked smile, his embrace, the way we share the same filthy humor and i love his passion and how ambitious he is about life and what he wants to make of it. He makes me feel like a girl when I'm with him. He's not disrespectful or rude. I miss that already.

These are little mementos of the good times we've had together.

Utah, I will miss you!


Interactive Dog Toys said...

I love the Dobe with the floppy year! I have a GSD with a floppy ear too!


Heidi Gilbert said...

You're pretty great! I'm glad we're on the same page with acting. :) Ha ha! I thought you were mad at me after that. We should go again soon!