Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I think there is something wrong with me...

I have developed over the past few months an almost unhealthy obsession with dirt squirrels. For those of you that don't know what a dirt squirrel is, here is what i pulled up from

Dirt squirrel

This term can describe a wide variety of people but in general a Dirt Squirrel is a person(s) who is dirt poor and/or has a bizarre facial complexion and/or is very spastic and has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and/or just looks dirty. Most of whom are found in north-western Ontario or Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

Look at that guy driving his ATV to the beer store with his little girl sitting in the back, what a Dirt Squirrel!


Scott can't sit still for more than 2 seconds, look at that Dirt Squirrel scratch his head like he hasn't had a shower in a week!

I first heard this phrase from George Kaler. He's not a very reliable source, but seeing as the word was originated in Ontario, Canada and George served his mission pretty close to there, i think it is a valid phrase and use it all the time.

But I've veered away from what my blog is really about.

I like dirty dudes with long beards and long hair. Some would call them
Jesus look alikes, others would call them hobos. I call them divine, heavenly creatures. Where as most girls prefer chiseled males with rock hard abs, abercrombie & fitch good looks and clean cut faces, i prefer the dude that just rolled out from under a truck after fixing his carburetor with dirt under his fingernails and greasy hair. I think i have a problem.

Alot of the dudes i have a weakness for are musicians, though. These guys embody everything my mom taught me NOT to like in a man.

I like lists (in case you couldn't already tell :) )So here now is a list of dudes that i am currently crushing on. Let us all pray that this phase passes and this chapter in Michelle's book of life passes.

The first:

Zakk Wylde: Lead guitarist for Black Sabbath. He is mouth watering.

The Second:

Seth Rogen. I fell in love with his charm, friendly face and humor. See! I'm not all about the physical.... "obviously!" yells Nick from the back. In fact, there was this dude who came to church a couple sundays ago and he looked EXACTLY like Seth. I was smitten the whole day.

The third: Layne Staley. Late singer for alice and chains. Now this one is just plain unhealthy. In fact the next two are. I think that because they are dead, they are even m
ore fascinating. Because i can't have them, i want them more. Layne died of a heroin overdose. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but had a pretty hot voice.

The fourth is Kurt Cobain. The hot picture says it all.

The fifth is Robert Plant. Hottie in tight pants. YUM!

The sixth is John Lennon post- Beatles

Lastly, this dude from Santa monica. (i took this pic from tanner's friend's blog.... my apologies Cindy! Hope you don't mind)

There are many more! Some of you might have seen them outside your local 7-11 or in your chemistry class. They are out there and i want one.


Tannerama said...

HAHAHAHA You stalked a picture of Chaz? I like how you went to all of my friend's blogs to find a picture of Chaz.

Also, his hair and beard are much longer now. And you should know that he is a very clean person. Also, he is a rocket scientist. Not a rockstar/mechanic.

Michelle Loves Danger said...

i did i did!!! i'm so embarrassed! what can i say? i want him

ROAST said...

That's hilarious! I never knew. My brother is kinda a dirty squirrel sometimes.