Monday, December 26, 2011

My perfect match

Today I witnessed two pretty amazing things about my fiancé: He's an amazing musician. Like good. Like really good! He plays bass and drums. It's so sexy! His band, Black Tara, are playing a gig tomorrow and I can't wait to hear and see them! The other thing, his mom has been really ill. :(. It's heartbreaking cause one feels helpless that they can't help. But my honey did the one thing that he is able to do: he gave his mother a blessing of health and comfort. it was such a touching thing to witness and am so grateful and blessed to be marrying a man who is worthy to do such things. It's been a really good holiday so far and can't wait to ring in the new year with my future husband. It's our first Christmas together and it's been perfect. His parents are excellent hosts, his mom super sweet. Shes an amazing gift wrapper, cook, singer, and relief society president. She has a huge heart. His sister is becoming my favorite. So funny! She introduced me to my new favorite, a chef named Nigella and also introduced me to strictly come dancing ;) It's been pretty low key but my favorite because of the time being spent with my new family.