Tuesday, June 14, 2011

European Minx

I went to Europe! It seems like a dream now, it was so long ago!

I have always wanted to go! Because my boyfriend was living there now, I thought it was a no-brainer and had no excuse not to go!

I bought my ticket to Scotland a few days after Andrew left L.A.! It was sort of an accident. I went on priceline, typed in a price, it gave me back a really reasonable price, and I just bought them! It was crazy! I couldn't believe it! I freaked out, thinking I couldn't afford it, but it all worked out. Best. Purchase. EVER!

I packed my bags, had a really fun going away party the night before surrounded by all my closest friends at Gringos Locos, said my goodbyes and jetted across the country and across the Atlantic to my baby!

The flight from L.A. to New Jersey was cake! It went by quick, I had plenty of things to keep me entertained and it was comfortable. Now, my flight from Jersey to Glasgow, flight. from. HELL! I got on the plane after scarfing down some Mc Donalds, (I only had 10 minutes to grab some food before boarding) then took some benadryl to help me sleep a few minutes after I got on the plane, then fell asleep. I woke up three hours later and we were on the ground and I thought, wow, I slept the whole flight!? No, the plane hadn't even left the ground! The airport was backed up, they were de-icing planes, and had to do each plane on the tarmac! I immediately started feeling sick after we finally took off. I threw up twice on the 7 hour flight :( The flight attendants were super nice and accommodated me.

I finally arrived at Glasgow Airport, picked up my bags and walked out, with a big smile on my face, anticipating the greeting of my sweetheart... and ... he wasn't there :/ Hmm. I waited for a couple minutes, then panicked, because like an idiot, I didn't do a currency exchange and didn't have any change to call Andrew. BUT! I walked outside, then turned around, and there he was. I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't stop smiling and started to tear up, cause it felt soooooooo good to feel his arms around me and to feel his kissies. :)

Then those feelings were overcome with feelings of nervousness!!!! I had met his sister and love her! BUT, I was so nervous to meet his siblings and ....his parents!!!! I wanted so bad for them to love me !

So we drove to his house and the moment arrived and I felt bad because, cause of my bad flight I still was jet-lagged, pukey feeling and gross feeling. But I immediately felt comfortable with his parents. They were so friendly and hospitable and are super funny! I felt so comfortable and part of the group.

I went upstairs to lay down, I stayed in Andrew's room the whole time, and was greeted by a beautiful arrangement of flowers from Andrew :D It made me so happy during my whole trip. I slept for a while, trying to feel better. I woke up and Andrew made dinner for all of us. It was yummy! Andrew cooked alot of the time while I was there. He's a good cook, my sweetheart.

The first four days there, we spent in Glasgow. We visited the city, and saw all the beautiful architecture. It is an amazing and gorgeous city. I met his brothers and was at first nervous, but like his parents, I felt really comfortable with them and their families. They really are super fun :) We had dinner for his brother's birthday, went shopping with his sister, Kirsty. She just bought a new home and its really beautiful! I felt so happy for her, cause I could tell she was really happy.

We also went to church on Sunday and thought it was very nice! I loved meeting all of his family's friends and enjoying the gospel in a different country. The gospel is the same everywhere. But it felt more special cause i was there with his family :)

OK! On my next blog post, we go to London! There's just too much to write for one blog! Enjoy, friends!