Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andrew and Michelle : part deux

SO! Andrew leaves for Utah for a week after we first meet here in California the summer of August 2010. I was a little sad to see him go, but didn't know him SUPER well for me to sit there and lose sleep over it.

We communicated every single day since we met the first time. No joke. I knew he was special when he insisted on calling every night, then we eventually moved on to skype and FB emailing because it got too expensive to text and call. I had to up my phone plan as a result. Now we just use facetime from his IPhone and my mac book pro. it works out really well.

He went back home from Utah and we kept the communication. It got frustrating because he wasn't here... it was really hard on me. It didn't seem like it was too hard for him, but I think boys cope with these kind of things differently then us gentle women creatures. :/

We tried to keep things fresh by doing things like playing UNO online and others games and we would send each other little packages in the mail.

Its also very hard with the time difference. I don't know if people realize, but the time difference between California and Scotland is eight hours! EEP! So Andrew made lots of sacrifices many times and stayed up very late to chat with me after I got off work. He's a sweetheart and a trooper... and a keeper :)

Andrew and his sister, Kirsty, decided to come out again to the US, but about four months later in December. This time, they went to New York with their parents for a week then he and his sis came out to california for an additional two weeks! I was so excited! We love having them here. This time around, it felt more official. We had already said our first "I love you"s on the phone at this point ( I think we had said them two months into our relationship. We made our relationship "official" on Facebook a little before that.

On his second trip here, we did more dating activities, naturally, but also I wanted to really focus on getting to know him. I fell in love with him the more and more I got to know him. Andrew is genuinely an amazing great guy. He is super sweet. He treats me like gold, like a queen. The way every woman should be treated. A true gentleman. He always without fail, got my coat for me and got my car door. Things that most dudes don't even think about doing. He's the greatest :)

Us at Disneyland around Christmas time!

Andrew met my parents!!! It was hilarious ! We got there and my grandparents happened to be visiting from Mexico so it was pretty good timing for him. I loved that he met them. It really meant alot to me, but that wasn't the hilarious part. The hilarious part was when we were doing introductions and he says to my grandma "Hello, nice to meet you" in his thick Scottish accent in English. My grandma looks and him and says "Nooooo". Mind you, my grandma doesn't understand english, let alone the language being spoken with a thick, Scottish accent. We then went to buy a rug for my parents as a Christmas present and also picked up some allergy meds for us.... my parents have three dogs and I'm prone to be allergic to them, and so was he. We popped those benadryls, had some of my mom's amazing cooking, sat there talking to my brother, next thing you know we had both fallen asleep on the couch for 3 hours! fail. well, then we decided to go drive around looking at Christmas lights and get some ice cream, then we went home. Next time he's here, we're spending more awake time with my family :/

Picture of us at my parent's place

We did lots of dates while he was here! Some of our favorites were Dino's Pizza (we had our usual table we sat at), Cafe Rio, Pomodoros, the movies and just moments where we sat and watched T.V. Our last night together, we went to the Smokehouse in Burbank. We both looked pretty good :) I was sad the whole time because I knew he was leaving :(

I cried the next day when I took him to the airport.... I mean, it was uncontrollable tears. I couldn't stop. Thats when I truly and really realized that I had fallen hard for this dude.

I then spent my Christmas and New Year without him.... and it was pretty devastating. I swore that I would spend the following holiday season with him if I could afford it.... so far, it doesn't look promising.

Next blog post I talk about my trip to Scotland to visit Andrew and meet his family! Till next time for that! meow

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