Saturday, December 6, 2008

7 Deadly Things....

or not.

This is the second request to write on my blog 7 things about me so here it goes (Thanks to Karen and Heidi for the requests)

#1. I almost died when I was about 10. My brother and I were visiting family in El Salvador and went to a beach area and we got stuck in a rip tide. We couldn't swim. We were yelling and struggling to stay afloat and nobody could hear us. Finally I felt a rock with my foot, immersed my self down while holding my bro and pushed as hard as I could so we could doggy paddle to shore.

#2. I find Seth Rogen VERY attractive. Like its sick. I have a thing for "doughy" guys with facial hair and a sense of humor. If you want to win me over, have a beard and crack jokes.

#3. I don't have any blood sisters, so I tend to cling on to and embrace the friendships I have with girls I let into my life, which aren't very many. We fight alot (mostly my fault) but I know that I can always turn to them when I need them. The bestest girlfriends nearest and dearest to my heart are and always will be Jenna, Mel, Liz and Esther... whether they like it or not!
Very close seconds are Heidi, Becca, and Karen

#4. I REALLY enjoy boy things. Let me explain. I enjoy the same things that guys enjoy because growing up I only had my brothers and my father was a huge influence in my life. My dad would take us to the L.A. auto show, every Sunday we would go to the comic book store and pick out spawn comics or marvel cards, we would go to museums and gawk at the dinosaurs, one of our most recent trips together was a motley crue concert and an AC/DC concert. I loved that my both my parents instilled in all three of us the love of heavy metal. I think my love for these things is also the reason I tend to get along with boys sometimes better than girls.

#5. I was a bully in high school. I would cut in front of people in line and I would take lunch money. I really did. I will someday regret it.

#6. I've used my womanly wiles to get what I want... and it worked. A more recent example: Adam, Andrew and I were at Vons buying food to BBQ and we wanted chicken. The chicken wasn't on sale, so I went to the guy behind the meat counter and asked him if there was anyway he could find some chicken that was on sale. He smiled and said, "Sure sweetheart." The chicken came out to like $7. Awese.

#7. I like kissing. Alot. And I'm only writing this because I didn't know what else to write when I know there's gotta be alot more things, but I just saw that Keanan logged onto g-chat and he reminded me that I do enjoy kissing and that he's a good kisser. :)

I tag Chris, Sasha, Amy, Jessica, and Tanner.

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Kare Bear said...

Re: #5 - how is that different than now? JK!